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Ksienia Stasilowitcz - 1968 Grad


Ksienia passed away July 15th, 2008.

We were close in grades 10 and 11, both being in the vocal music programme. We discovered some 15 years ago that we lived in the same neighborhood and got together occasionally.

Ksienia was bubbly and noted for her great smile. A kinder nor truer friend you could not ask for.

She cared about people and was a great listener.

She lived a happy life, married with two super children and grand children.

I miss her and cherish her presence in my life.


Reine Thibault-Goodrow - High School Friend


I miss Ksienia very much, she and I always had so many laughs together. She was a good friend.


Kathy MacDonald - High School Friend


Memories=Bubbly, full of life and ALWAYS smiling till the last days.

Dec. 31-1958 - June 13 - 2009

She is survived by her husband Fred Mercantini.

RIP dear friend... you are surely missed.

Haroula Kariotakis - Friend

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